Windswept Cider


317282 3 Line, Meaford, Ontario

Trail Stop #27

Bottleshop Hours:

Thursdays-Sundays 12-5

Windswept Cider is a micro cidery and fermentory nestled in the heart of Georgian Bay apple country. Windswept has discovered several “lost” orchards that were still blossoming with fruit, and learned that many orchards throughout the area were abandoned by commercial growers. However, these lost orchards often house rare apple varieties that are ideal for cider making. The Windswept Lost Orchard ciders are a tribute to these unique fruits, and we’d highly recommend you give them a try.

Visit the bottle shop for tastings of award-winning small batch traditional cider and perry. Crafted with organic and wild foraged fruit from hedgerows, lost orchards and local growers. Enjoy a picturesque day along the trail on Windswept Farm’s expansive 100 acre land in Meaford.

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