T&K Ferri Orchards

  • (647)-627-8147

  • 496415 Grey County Rd 2, Clarksburg, ON

Trail Stop #7


Please visit their website or social channels for hours of operation

Cider-pressing day will take place in late Septembervisit their website for more information as it comes

T&K Ferri Orchards began in the 1930s on 10 acres of land in Peel County. Today, the orchard and the Ferri family who runs it covers 22 acres of Beaver Valley land, home to nearly 58, 000 trees! Their expansive land allows them to offer a hand-picked selection of apples each season – try Honey Crisp, Mac, Mutsu, Cortland, Gala, Golden Delicious, Ambrosia, or more!

Our special trail stop recommendations are the Honey Crisp and Ambrosia apples and Grandad Jack’s premium apple cider. Visit T&K Ferri Orchards for a picturesque visit to their internationally recognized orchard, sampling their succulent apples, and viewing their award winning orchard.

*Orchards are not open to the public to take photos, especially during blossom. These are working farms and special permission must be granted before arrival to a property, please have respect for the farmers and their crop.