Goldsmith's Orchard and Cidery

  • (519)-599-3246

  • 207600 Highway 26, Thornbury, Ontario

Trail Stop #21


Please visit their website or social channels for hours of operation

Goldsmith’s Orchard and Cidery offers only the finest fruits, vegetables, meat, baked goods, entrees and even flowers at this incredible market. Whatever they don’t grow themselves, they source as locally as possible. From Beaver Valley grown apples to handmade pies, loyal customers and new visitors alike can attest to the difference that these local vendors make.

The Oakley family who operates Goldsmith’s has been growing apples and heirloom vegetables in their orchard and gardens for generations. Try their famous Thornberry Pie from their own in-house bakery, or of course some famous apple crisp. Take advantage of this trail stop for delicious and organic grocery shopping, a local and handmade frozen dessert or an unforgettable apple to go.

*Orchards are not open to the public to take photos, especially during blossom. These are working farms and special permission must be granted before arrival to a property, please have respect for the farmers and their crop.