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Trail Stop #18 - The Craigleith Depot, Craigleith

The Craigleith Depot, Trail stop #13 in CraigleithA glorious bike ride along the Georgian Trail led my friends and I to the Craigleith Heritage Depot, an old train station which now operates as a museum. The Museum is beautifully restored and especially lovely in the spring when surrounded by three different varieties of lilacs.

Once inside …surprise…it’s the most amazing little museum depicting the history of the area including the Petun Indians, the apple industry, the ski train and the ski industry including Blue Mountain Resorts and the Weider family, and some really interesting exhibits like lace up ski boots, which I thought was really cool until it dawned on me that I started skiing with lace up ski boots..ha! My non-skiing friends found it fascinating …that anyone could actually ski on the old wooden ‘sticks’ tacked up on the wall. The fossils at the museum are still present today at the beach across the street.

The historic apple industry displays show family orchard brands that are still working orchards in the region today. You can find apples from these orchards at the local farmers’ markets and baked to perfection at the many bakeries along the Apple Pie Trail.

The Craigleith Depot, Trail stop #13 in Craigleith The Craigleith Depot, Trail stop #13 in Craigleith